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Patient Rewards


Here at Windsor Smiles Orthodontics we like to motivate our orthodontic patients, especially our younger patients, with something called our patients rewards. Basically it is a little card that they can bring in, much like a little credit card, and for each time that they come in based upon things that they’re doing to cooperate or be compliant in their orthodontic treatment, they are awarded a certain number of points on their Windsor Smiles Orthodontics rewards card. 

At the very end of their treatment, our patients can cash in those points into a certain dollar amount towards to over 200 types of gift cards to local Windsor and Northern Colorado local businesses that they can purchase what they want. It is a great way to keep our patients involved and to do all the right things that they are suppose to be doing during their orthodontic treatment here at Windsor Smiles Orthodontics in Windsor Colorado.