Looks what’s new at Windsor Smiles Orthodontics!

Dr. Goings is a leading Northern Colorado with state-of-the-art technology by offering their patents an option of a 3D digital impression.

The iTero machine is a 3D digital scanner which is highly accurate, comfortable, safe and fast! This is especially good news for patients who may have a gagging reflex as the scanner allows you to breathe and swallow during the scan.

If you’re interested in conventional braces like the Damon Smile System, Invisalign or Invisalign Teen, this is the very best option of obtaining impressions due to the accuracy of iTero. Studies have found the Invisalign trays fit and feel better to the patient which allows better tooth movement and our own patients have confirmed the improvement. Additionally, the scan is sent immediately to Invisalign and, in most cases, we receive the aligners within 2 weeks rather than the old impression technique which can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks, or longer if the impression is rejected.

The scan is simply done by placing a want into the patient’s mouth which captures and generates the images directly onto the monitor. The image is instantly approved, so no need to return to the office for rejected impressions. The images are so precise as to the specific characteristics of your teeth and gums, so there is no second guessing. From these images the iTero builds a 3D model of your teeth which can be used for a number of orthodontic procedures.

Dr. Goings is constantly striving to provide their patients the very best technology available and above all, the best smile of a lifetime!